The Illustrati Clothing Brand is being softlaunched on www.illustraticlothing.com If you'd like to be involved please see below.

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Insider info that some of you may find interesting.

Illustrati Apparel: Would you like to help build an Illustrati Clothing Brand?

For some time now I've been in discussions with a number of manufacturers about game cels appearing on items of clothing. I have had a very good response from a number of World Gaming Members that I've approached and I thought that I'd bring the idea to Illustrati Members.

Would you like to be involved in creating an Illustrati brand of clothing and accessories, including T-Shirts and bags etc?
Licenses will be paid on a revenue share basis and each artist will be credited for the design.

The designs can be pretty much anything you would like to create or have lying around that we could check for suitability.

So if you'd like to be involved please send me some ideas or register your interest by emailing me: sales@illustraticlothing.com

Im always looking for more insider info to mail out, so if you have any let me know, they'll be printed in the Newsletter first.

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