WGE speaks to the Hendon Mobster - Joe Beevers

WGE caught up with Joe Beevers to discuss Online and MobilePoker


Can you tell me a bit about poker pros who market theirown online poker communities with their own brand?

The Hendon Mob is one of poker's  strongest and wellestablished poker brands. is the UK's number onepoker website and the world's number one live poker tournamentdatabase and player profile website. The four members of The Mobare all Full Tilt Poker pros and play exclusively


Who is successful and why?

The Hendon Mob and Full Tilt Poker are a perfect fit. Full TiltPoker say 'Learn, Chat and Play With The Pros' and that is exactlywhat many poker players like to do. For instance we run a weeklyonline league on Full Tilt Poker every Tuesday evening. The Mob allplay in the league. The buy in is only $10 and we ADD various WSOPpackages as prizes so that our players can join us in Vegas allexpenses paid.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of having yourown brand?

The Hendon Mob brand is well established and strong. Peoplerecognise it and trust it. Players are loyal to a brand, playing inour league for instance they feel part of The Hendon Mobcommunity.


Do you have any non-gambling poker games orwebsites?

Poker is our business, in fact poker is our life is our main website. We do own a large number ofgaming and poker related domain names many of which can be seen - our site where you can buy and sell domainnames.


Do you have any Apps for mobiles and if so what do theydo?

We have considered apps and we may introduce some in the futurebut the functionality can be achieved by using a browser on anIphone quite easily.


Do you have any branded play for fun games?

As Full Tilt Pros you can often find us playing which is a free, play money poker version. On can play Trumps online for free with other online users andthat can be fun.


Do they think they give a realistic representation ofpoker game?

The Hendon Mob all play on Full Tilt Poker and it's as real asit can get online. Playing with Pros adds a real 'face' andpersonality who you can chat with rather than just a series ofanonymous opponents.


Do you think poker will ever be as popular on mobile asonline?

RUSH poker has recently been launched on android and has beenhugely successful. As technology moves forward more and more peopleare playing on mobile.


What are the inherent difficulties of being your ownbranded Casino or poker site?

We love our brand and, we don't think of thedifficulties. Maybe the fact that we have to employ several fulltime staff to run the business these days and that isn't cheap butwe are still very hands on, posting on our online forum and playingin our own promotions for instance.

Which professionals do you know that have their ownsites?

Many professionals have their own sites either as individualssuch as or collectively such as the training As well as we also have,,,


Which are most successful?

Sites such as or that havecurrent and interesting content combined with strong brands haveproved very successful.


Have you ever played on Devilfishes site or DoyleBrunsons site or anyone else’s just to see what it’s likethere?

I have played on other sites in the past, neither of the twothat you mention, but poker and online technology have moved onsignificantly since then.


Which poker player do you admire the most andwhy?

Phil Ivey has an awareness that most players can't come closetoo. I'd like to know half as much as he does.


Who do you like playing against the most andwhy?

Every game is a fresh challenge. I always seem to enjoy myselfwhen Roland De Wolfe is at my table.


Who do you dislike the most and why?

There are very few people that I dislike. Occasionally you getsome jealous insulting wannabe try and do or say something hurtfulbut it comes with the territory.


What is the Hendon Mobs ultimate onlineambition?

I guess we have already achieved far more than we could everhave hoped for. To think we started off with a one page website andwe used to pay a friend of ours once a month to do the update. Ittook about 30 minutes each month and he used to get paid with acase of Guinness! We have all been very lucky and our timing hasalways been very good and we are all very grateful for what we haveand what we have achieved.


Thanks for your time Joe: 


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