Game-Hosting GH AB secures contract with Funcom

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More than 1.3 million players are registered for beta testing of Funcom's new online game "The Secret World". The Norwegian-Swedish company Game-Hosting GH AB are providing hosting for the game; a breakthrough for the company.


The Norwegian-Swedish company Game-Hosting GH AB, has recently signed a contract with game developer company Funcom. Game-Hosting GH AB has been commissioned to provide the hosting services when Funcom launches its new Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) "The Secret World". The developer has high expectations for this game, which launches 3rd of July. So far, more than 1.3 million players have registered for beta testing of the game.


Game-Hosting GH AB is a company that specializes in hosting services for online games with strong expertise in optimization of tailored hosting-services. By building their systems from scratch together with proprietary hybrid - hosting models Game-Hosting GH AB creates a very cost-effective hosting platform.


In strong competition with large international players Game-Hosting GH AB has secured the contract with Funcom.


"Game Hosting GH AB has so far met and exceeded all expectations on all parameters and Funcom is pleased with the cooperation," said Ole Schreiner, COO of Funcom.


"To ensure that this many players will be able to embrace and enjoy online play simultaneously and get an optimal experience, a service is required that is tailor-made for just such purposes" says Sales and Marketing manager Eirik Pedersen. “This is our expertise. We provide reliability, customization and optimal functionality, cost effectively. For a large game like The Secret World this is alpha and omega.”


"If we want to offer more attractive services than our competitors, we have to be the best in all areas and at the same time offer something extra. This is what we feel we have managed to create through our services and close personal follow-up”, says Pedersen.




Sales and marketing manager Eirik Pedersen, phone: +47 924 61 028.


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