HIRE ME!!! ? GAVIN of JBF (Jokebucketfilms)


I'm Gavin

The main administrator and creator of the undiscovered youtube channel Jokebucketfilms also known by few as "JBF".

I'm a voice actor and have only become part of one project so far...and though the project is successful It hasn't gotten my career as a voice actor started.

I love the idea of doing main character voices for Games , Anime's, regular cartoons, you name it. I would even do a business VO job if it would get me started. 

Anyways. The Project I'm currently part of is in collaboration with many other youtube users who are aspired VA's. It's Called Dragon Ball Absalon. If you have any idea what Dragon ball is then you know that it's fan made. Myself and a few others work with a single animator who has created and is still creating this mini series. Although I received many a request to play the voice of the main character  I play the voice of another named MAjuub.A character from the previous series called "GT".

I love this part and am still doing it. I will post  the first episode along with my audition for the series.

If you have a paying gig or a project similar or better then let me know. Comments and compliments are welcomed as well.


My character is the one with the Mohawk haircut. from the picture at the top of this blog. Here's the link to the episode:


And here's the one to my audition: 


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