New on Google Play: A steering wheel for PC games

New on Google Play: A steering wheel for PC games

The smartphone as steering wheel for racing games by Kyberback


Graz - in November 2012, the steering wheel for PC games in Google Play is making its first appearance on the app stage.


Under the name of “DirtyHandKeys,” the Kyberback software company, in operation since 1998, has been dealing with the use of smartphones and tablets as accessibility tools for PCs. As part of this specialization, a whole pool of shortcut keyboards, e.g. for CorelDraw, Photopaint, Photoshop, Skype, etc., has been developed. In addition, remote controls for VLC and PowerPoint. With the steering wheel, the line of so-called game boards has been launched.


Ronald Lilleg, owner of the company:

“What we have achieved with the steering wheel for PC games is that PC-installed games (DirectX or conventional) and online games alike are supported. Therefore we don’t require a driver, and the user doesn’t have to configure anything within the game (as opposed to conventional analog steering wheels). The steering wheel simulates key control and so is compatible in the presetting with every game.


By turning the device, the smartphone or tablet becomes the steering wheel of the racing car. Shifting gears, accelerating or change of view direction is done by gestures.


I’m delighted that we’re the very first on the Android market to allow the players to hold a steering wheel in their hands for their PC games. The app supports up to 17 different functions as key panel or gesture panel. Special layouts for popular games have been predefined and will be delivered with the app:

e.g. for Formula One, Need for SpeedGRID, DIRT, SPLIT, BLUR, Trackmania, Richard Burns Ralley, Burnout, FlatOut and Crashday.


We’re confident that users of racing games will accept and like this new operating concept.”


The “Steering wheel for PC games” is available at present only for Android and only for Windows PCs. Despite the convenience, the price is moderate. The entry price is USD/EUR 1.99.

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